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Have you had enough of the odor control products that haven’t worked? This blog is dedicated to providing you with the best information available on odor control and elimination.

As I am sure you are aware, there are some odors that can only be controlled while there are others that can be eliminated. The key to telling the difference is the source of the odor.

As an example, if you have an incontinent pet or relative living with you, there is often little choice but to attempt to control the resulting odor. Yes, you could euthanize the pet but there is no choice with the relative with the cost and quality of assisted living or nursing home care. There are other odor like mold and mildew that will return just because you opened the windows in your house or opened the vents in your basement or crawl space.

The real problem with recurring odor has more to do with knowing why they reoccur than what product is best at eliminating the odor. We will try to help you gain the necessary knowledge necessary to control the occurrence problem.

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