Removing Fire Smoke Odor

On September 1 2009  I had a fire in my garage that fortunately was confined to the interior of the garage and did not make it to the roof or the interior of my house.b4cleanup252

We were very lucky that there was a limited amount of smoke in the house because the door from the mud room to the garage was not closed right away. The problem was made a bit worse because the firemen had a big fan blowing into the front door and out the back door.  This was drawing smoke from outside and forcing it through the house.

Clearly the rooms adjacent to the garage had the worst smoke damage, especially the ceiling. To make the problem harder to fix, the ceiling was popped (textured Spackle) which is nearly impossible to clean so we removed it in preparation for deodorizing and repainting.

We washed the walls, doors and floor with TSP (tri-sodium phosphate and water) and rinsed with fresh water. This stuff is really good at removing smoke residue.

When the washing efforts dried, we used a product called OdorXit CLO2 to remove the rest of the smoke odor. We used the 25 gram fast release packets in the mud room and utility room because we could close the doors and contain the gas and still live in the house while the process was going on.

Usually, a 25 gram packet will do 1000 to 2000 square feet of floor space but because of the level of smoke in the area, the 25 gram was what was actually appropriate and they worked really well.

We used a couple more 25 gram slow release to remove the smoke in the rest of the house.

We followed up with KILZ sealer and fresh paint on the walls and ceiling. Yes, the 2 rooms took 4 days to complete, but we did not have to replace any of the drywall though we did replace all the drywall and 2 car garage door in the garage. The garage took over 3 weeks to complete the repairs on the garage.

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